The NFL 2019 Playoffs will continue this week’s division

Do not be surprised if things get crazier in the division after the start of the playoffs of the National Soccer Team of the United States.

The NFL 2019 Playoffs will continue this week’s division. After a period of rest for their players and focus on the Super Bowl, the New Orleans Saints are preparing to host the Philadelphia Eagles in the Mercedes-Benz Superdome. This weekend, Dat Datation has been waiting for a long time to finally come here, so finally start! Let’s take a look at the showdown of this game and the other three games of the division’s playoff weekend!

One of them, Nick Falls is still in the playoffs, and as we’ve seen in the last year, every game he plays is almost crazy. The Cowboys are still alive, which is an important week for them, because if they can beat the Rams, they will enter the NFC Championship for the first time since the 1995 season.

This round of the playoffs should also be exciting, as Tom Brady, Drew Brees and Patrick Max will make their first appearance in these playoffs.

Although the playoffs are almost unpredictable, we will try to do anything by making 8 bold predictions about the division. Here’s how it works: Since there are four games this weekend, we will make two bold predictions for each game.

Keep in mind that these are just bold predictions. If you are looking for real game options, feel free to click here.

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These are called bold predictions, so we could be as bold as possible. After becoming the third player in NFL history to make at least 50 touchdown passes in a season, the prediction here is that Patrick Mahomes followed his story to make regular season games by putting a zero line in the game . During the 2018 season, only one game, Mahomes voted for zero TD and played against AFC South. In the fifth week, the Jaguar defense won the battle with Mahomes (they did not let him throw a touchdown pass) but lost the war because the Emirates won the game anyway, 30-14.

Jags only delivered 17 TD passes during the season, which is the second best NFL record. Of course, the Colts are not far away. During the regular season, Indy yielded only 21 TD passes and ranked third in the league. Another thing to remember here is that this is Mahomes’ first playoff start, and quarterbacks often have problems early in their first game. Since 2013, the quarterback has scored 4 wins and 15 losses in the first game of the playoffs, including a 0-3 record this year (Mitchell Trubisky, Lamar Jackson and Deshaun Watson lost). That said, in all the predictions on this list, I will list this as the person most likely to explode in my face.

If the Emirates have a great weakness in this game, it is their defense, which can eventually become a big problem. First, the Emirates surrendered 273.4 yards per game this season and ranked 31st in the NFL (after the Bengal tiger). Andrew Luck may have been watering this week because he remembered the Kansas City defense.

Even if the Emirates miraculously solved their problems in high school in some way, his defense yielded 5.0 yards per attack in 2018, which again ranked 31st in the NFL (before the Rams). It is likely that the Colts offense will enter the Arrowhead Stadium, which means that the game could turn into a shootout. To get the highest score of the season, the Colts must get 43 points. His highest score in the regular season was 42 points, which was the 42-28 victory over the Raiders in the eighth week.