Rams vs Chiefs

Rams vs Chiefs: By now you’ve undoubtedly already heard about the heaping of snow pouring down in Kansas City and how it will affect the Chiefs vs.

Colts playoff game on Saturday afternoon (4:25 p.m., NBC, stream on fuboTV, try for free). Our own Will Brinson has you covered there, including how the over-under total for the game is dropping like crazy due to the expected weather conditions during the contest.

Not to be outdone, the weather gods in Los Angeles, Calif. are blessing us with some heavy rainfall on Saturday, which already appears to be having an affect on the field at Los Angeles Coliseum. Check out these videos from NFL Network’s Jane Slater, who is on the field in LA:

There’s still a tarp on the actual field in these videos, but you can already see the rain puddling up around the edges of the field and it’s not hard to imagine the same thing happening on the field of play when the tarp comes off so teams can begin warming up for the game.

hat over-under isn’t quite plummeting like it is for Chiefs vs. Colts, but the line is down to 48.5 points from a high of 50 earlier in the week, so bettors certainly expect there to be less scoring than they did when the matchup was first announced. Both the Rams and Cowboys have strong running games they can lean on if the field is sloppier than expected, and the lines on both teams are strong as well. so it’s difficult to say who a wet atmosphere might favor on the field.

this weekend, FOX sent its No. 1 broadcast team — Joe Buck and Troy Aikman — out to Los Angeles to cover today’s Cowboys-Rams game. The network’s No. 2 team — Kevin Burkhardt and Charles Davis — will cover Sunday afternoon’s Eagles-Saints match-up.

According to Classic TV Sports’ Jeff Haggar, this is the first time in 38 years a network decided to place its top broadcast crew on the lower-rated Saturday afternoon game. The last time it happened was during the 1980 playoffs, when CBS sent its No. 1 team at that time — Pat Summerall and Tom Brookshier — to call the Saturday Vikings-Eagles game.

They kind-of left it up to us,” Buck told Sports Illustrated Media Podcast host Jimmy Traina earlier this week. “It just felt like Cowboys-Rams has a feel to it like, ‘Man, I know it’s Saturday night, but it has the potential of being a spectacle.’ We’ll see. Usually, they don’t live up to that. But at least going in that’s what it feels like.”